Track i'am working on


Iam working on this one , it’s a snippet of 2 minutes to give an impression,

But iam a bit stuck in what to add more;)

I really could use some feedback in what i do wrong or good :slight_smile:

I would suggest going through the dutch house course step by step first then going in and changing some of the parts.

This will give you a good structure to work from and explain a lot about what bits should come when etc.

once you have done that post your results and i will be able to give more useful feedback.

Watched some tut’s Phill,

This is what i came up with :

Can you give me more specific feedback now?:D

Sounds like you have various elements in different keys. so things sound a bit out of tune with each other. try to keep bass lines etc centered around the same note and build from there.

The riff seems to be jumping around a lot… try watching some of the main room house chords videos at the start of the course

Keep posting your improvements and ill try to help further.