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Alice La Kiss To These Riffs

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Chris and Phil are back in the hot seat this week with this all-new track walkthrough. Here Phil takes us through his rather large pop production work on the track ‘Kiss To These Riffs’ by artist Alice La . Here Phil discusses how the formulated ideas for this already highly produced demo, where he felt production was needed and how he approached working within the artist brief. The guys chat through how he re-voiced some of the chords, how he built and mixed the drums, and finally how he added that little bit of sparkle to already well-produced vocals, all in a fun-packed and engaging way!

We hope you enjoy this one!

“Comment if you want Phil just to give you his user bank…”

“Tenners!!!” -Hehehehehehe!

Lol :joy: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You guys are a great tandem, start a producer podcast

Nice one guys ! Was quite curious about Phil’s involvement with this production when it came on the FB discussion group saying that he was playing keys for the band on the BBC, was pretty sure he did a lot more…LOL. Great work on this track Phil & good tips from both of you about production in general along the course.

Great course i wish it was more in depth about the mixing and mastering process… less talk about personal jokes (its fun but take the viewer out of concentration)
please do more in depth mixing mastering in this style of music with ableton

Nice course :+1:

very good course.

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Have you listen to Alice latest track yet ? This new one is also a collaboration between her & Phil :sunglasses: