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Bent - Swollen Walkthrough

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Sonic Academy is proud to present another 'In the Studio'. This time Chris Agnelli heads up to the very rural west coast of Ireland to join one half of the much lauded down-tempo artists - Bent.


Simon Mills from the band opens his studio doors and gives us a walkthrough of the track 'Swollen'. Simon has remixed this classic track under his new guise 'Napoleon' Mills has built up a musical portfolio that graced everywhere from Eastenders’ Queen Vic to the Acropolis in Athens and featured cameos from members of Faithless, Simian and The Beloved, not to mention a multitude of revived songstresses from crackly charity shop records.


It is these charity shop records and the mischievous manipulation of the samples from them that give this act so much distinction in todays musical world.  So enjoy something a little bit different.


cracking walk through - original track is probably one of the most haunting & warm analogue sounding sonic experiences I ever heard and spent many a hazy chill out after club session listening to it - a true classic - some of the younger viewers won&#039t have had the pleasure of hearing, so check it out - fascinating to hear how vocals came about & various components and very keen to hear Simons remix in full!

Great ideas and concepts. this is definitely inspiring.

Agreed! Although I have now started to develop an interest in hardware synths! This producing lark is a costly hobby lol

Ha! Chris really wanted to go for that pint! The look in his face! :wink:

I really did!!