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Corren Cavini - Wreck My Head

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Sonic Academy proudly welcomes new tutor Corné Kamminga aka Corren Cavini this week with an in-depth walkthrough of his new track ‘Wreck My Head’ featuring stunning vocals by YSA released on Zerothree Music.

Hailing from Haarlem in The Netherlands he made his club debut as a DJ at only 15 years of age and has gone from strength to strength developing his own unique techno edged melodic productions.

In this 2 hour course we go through each section of the track created in Ableton Live, from the low end, chords, arps, and classic synth sounds through to the drum and percussive elements, vocal recording tips and processing and FX before finishing off with how he arranged the track out.

Packed full of tips and tricks in how to get a diverse and interesting unique sound to your tracks this one’s not to be missed.

Check it out!

Thank you, top job! Just reminded me how important automation is to keep things interesting. I’m always looking for another sound / layer to add in when it probably just needs some filter automation to keep it interesting.

Wow, I am member since a few years, but this is one of my favorite course!!! Thanks a lot

@KennyD Thank you, that’s great to hear! If you have any questions you can always shoot me a message on instagram :slight_smile:

@Carlho Great to hear you like it! Absolutely, automation is one of the most important (and underused) elements in a producers toolbox in my opinion

@correncavini thanks, I will do. And hope to see you back soon here

These are great videos, love the sounds created and learned a lot. Nice combo of meticulous attention to detail/order but still loads of creativity. N.B the second oscillator on the Mini V is switched off

Cool walkthrough, love the track!

Nice track, @correncavini ! When I try to create a similar bass using one of my Prophet emulations, I always run into phase issues when I detune the oscillators due to their free running nature. This causes the intensity of the bass to vary a lot… too much in my opinion, it’s all kind of wooshy. I can’t hear the same issues in your track though, what am I doing wrong? :slight_smile: