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Genix - Giant Steps

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After interviewing him back in 2015 we proudly welcome back Anjunabeats mainstay and trance linchpin Genix for a walkthrough of his track ‘Giant Steps’.

Released earlier this year and a hat tip to the massive trance tracks of the ’90s, Genix reveals how he created and processed each of the elements of this epic tune.
Packed full of advice, tips and tricks, this is an intimate look at how one of the world’s most cutting edge producers put his tracks together. This walkthrough will help any up and coming producer to focus on what is necessary to get your tracks noticed and stand out above the rest.

Sit back and enjoy as a true pro shares his workflow tips on getting a sound that’ll keep you at the top of your game.

Go check it out!

It’s amazing how simple some of these massive tunes are, thanks for the insights, Giant Steps was one of the stand-out tracks on his anjunabeats worldwide mix for me, enjoyed this.

Thanks for sharing your tips;)

Nice, thanks for the walkthrough. I love the 90s trance inspiration!

Well done course and Inspiring too to see how sometimes not having so much tracks can bring a nice result too

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Nice tutorial. Do you take off the master channel limiter before sending to mastering?

Hi there @LiftChainMusic

Most of the time it’s recommended to bypass/remove any processing you have on your Master Channel before sending your files for Mastering. That said, it all depends of the purpose of each effects on your Master Channel, if they are part of your final Pre-Master sound then of course you’d like to keep them on, but if they just serve purpose like getting more level or something sounding more close to a mastered audio in order to help during Mix-Down then you want to remove them. So in a nutshell : keep everything needed & part of the Pre-Mastered audio, remove anything extra.

Really nice to watch how the legend works here :slight_smile:

I really like the 90s vibe!

It would be really awesome if you did a “How to Make” tutorial where you basically just start from a blank screen and wrote a track.

Absolutely loved the course! If you are a fan of trance and techno this is the course for you!!

Big fan of Genix, great course and not too long to keep you interested and take in the information :slight_smile:

Very effective, less is more. Thank you Genix!

I love how simple yet effective his kick and bass are Genix your a master can’t wait to see you play 199x Tour in Sydney