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In this Sonic Academy exclusive we get to lift the lid on the ASOT track of the year 2007 - John O'Callaghan's 'Big Sky'. Chris Agnelli along with Phil Johnston take you through this trance classic and all its inner workings. From the initial thoughts behind the remix to drum, bass, and fx programming, this is an unbelievable opportunity to see how a trance classic was made. Chris explains how he approaches remixing and how to get the best out of the vocal's when remixing. So sit back and enjoy all the tricks and tips in this exclusive course.

Great walkthrough! I still am wondering why Chris keeps duplicating parts instead of looping them (Garageband style) when they are the same (or even instancing them) so changing notes etc is easier. I guess it is inherited from the old days when it was not possible at all?

Hi Hoof, yup its just the way I work and have been using logic since version 4, way before looping. Also I find with real copies less chance of loops not getting shorten by accident or turn off etc etc. No difference in the end I suppose.

Thanks so much for this. One of my favorite songs of all time, wish trance went back to stuff like this that focused on melody, harmony, etc.. rather than white noise and simple shock value. Would love it if you guys could continue making tutorials for trance around this vein.

this tutorial is orgasmic

Need way more trance tutorials like this, Chris I love you

Love how you stay so native within Logic. Its so refreshing at a time where people are using presets on every new softsynth and still can&#039t come close to the production quality you achieve. Thanks for another awesome tutorial ;)

always loved this song, so great to see how its done. amazing, please more trance tutorials like this! thank you!

great song.. good walkthru.. sounds a bit more like Chris Agnelli and TOMMY CHONG =)

Big Sky is a great track, but in this tutorial Chris seemed a little lost at why Kicks had compression and EQ on them. &#034I&#039m not sure&#034 is not something I look for in a tutorial.

I really enjoyed this Walkthrough, and found it very helpful. I agree with some of the other comments here, that we need more of these in-depth analyses of trance tracks!

Loved this walkthrough. Also enjoyed listening to Phil and Chris talk about days gone by, made it all the better! :slight_smile:

Have the course resources gone?

Hey there @jiandrews

It’s a Track Walk Through course so I don’t think there was ever any resources material to download :slight_smile:

This is a really good walkthrough of a tune I love. It’s interesting seeing how something that sounds so magical gets created. So thanks for that :slight_smile:

This tutorial has helped me loads, to learn more with the use of Logic Pro X that I didn’t notice or understand. Remixing is a great start before venturing to making own tracks. Top Marks to Mr. Agnelli.