Track Walkthroughs - Mikael Jonasson 'Prankster' - Spektre Remix / 343

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Spektre take a break from providing us with their fantastic Tech Tips series to give us an in depth look at one of their own productions, a remix of Mikael Jonasson's "Prankster".

Paul takes us through the Drums, Bass and all of the FX used on the track giving you an exclusive insight into their productions.


I havent seen the approach of separating the whole project into low, mid and high end. Definitely inspiring!

more from specktre please

superb tutorial!

That clap sounds like a squeaky bed! get work lads!

Pretty nice track.
I would like some more in depth tutorials on this more deep, dark and hard kind of techno (and tech house).
I watched the Christian Vance dark techno tutorial, which was pretty nice. But some different aproaches and technics for the same kind of style would be awesome :slight_smile:

I love Paul Maddox’s tutorials! I’d love to see him do more techno tutorials.

Pure talent!!