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Owsey Watching Her From Afar

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Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back FL Studio soundscape maestro Owsey for a track walkthrough on how he created his recent single ‘Watching Her From Afar’.

Rather than building a track from scratch like our ‘How To Make’ courses this ‘Track Walkthrough’ takes an in-depth look and focusses more on the processes and decisions made and over these 10 videos, Owsey breaks down each section explaining his choices and methodology in creating this sublime track.

From the drums and percussion to the epic orchestral string arrangement, instruments and vocals we take an in-depth look at the plugins and processing used along with clever use of volume and tempo automation to help the track breathe, build and give more impact.

This walkthrough shows the care and attention to detail to every single element, however subtle, in getting his unique signature sound and the final piece is a majestic hybrid of ambient orchestral and heavily side-chained future bass.

A brilliant insight into the production skills of someone at the top of their game.

Go check it out!