Track Walkthroughs - Paul Maddox 'Got Power' / 322

One half of Spektre - Paul Maddox - takes us through his latest Hard Dance release on Tripoli Trax 'Got Power'

Covering all aspects from - Drums, Bass, Percussion Vocals and Riffs

Great walkthrough... I love how you cover a lot of ground without repeating long and drawn out details..Great job.

Yeah agreed, although the song itself won&#039t appeal to a majority of people, Paul is a really good tutor. He goes through all the important details of his tracks really well covering everything i want to know about, without ever really repeating himself or drawing anything out unneccesarily. Nice one Paul!

Great stuff, Paul is an amazing producer.

Top tutorial and it just goes to show that you don&#039t need to create huge complex riffs in order to make a quality sounding track! Well done Paul :)

Great Tutorial would love to see more HardHouse ones.

great stuff paul so simple but so effective more vids like this cant beat the hard stuff

You can really see how the loops add character to a track like this. They are an essential ingredient in cooking today&#039s EDM. Would love to know where to find a bunch of old-school loops like this.

Ive always followed Paul Maddox and his musical genius. A really good video, showing tips and tricks and methods of production I didn’t even think about.

Well worth a watch…

Awsome please add more course’s from Paul Maddox

Awesome tutorial

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