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Rene Amesz Frust

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Rene Amesz is back with us once more and this time he’s walking us through how he made his track ‘Frust’ released on his label Art Reap.

Rene’s signature groove is stamped right across this track which is all about the beat! It’s impossible not to get moving with this one and we get an in-depth look at Rene’s workflow in building his vibe and keeping things off-grid so it flows naturally.

With minimal use of plugins but exceptional use of ears in finding the right sounds, layering and editing to make them fit, this walkthrough is a masterclass in groove building.

Easy to follow and fun to watch, Rene delivers yet again!

I absolutely love the courses Rene does with you guys! Looking forward to going through this one :slight_smile:

Rene always delivers!

This will be my first course on SA…
Happy to be here :+1:t2:

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Hi there @ToneShop and welcome to S.A & the forums :wink:

Hope you enjoy this course & all the other content available on S.A.

Feel free to share your feedback or ask questions via the forums & the Tutorial Discussion topics.

love what u guys have done with the site lately. to be able to access all these tutorials makes me wanna stay subscibed instead of just subbing for 1 thing for 1 month. keep up the flow of content! i may even do some stuff for u who knows. probably in the sample pack front as thats what i am working on.

I’m going to absolutely love checking out the laying of percussion, groove and song percussion on this one. That vocal however imo makes this song really hard to listen to.

El mejor curso que he hecho en Sonic Academy de Tech house. Rene Amesz es un referente top

Moderator Edit - English Translation :

The best course I have taken at Tech House’s Sonic Academy. Rene Amesz is a top reference.

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