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Sean Tyas - Matter Of Time

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To say we’re excited is an understatement as we welcome along one of the most celebrated names in trance music this week - Sean Tyas - as he deep dives into a track walkthrough of his 2013 classic ‘Matter Of Time’.

Lifting the lid on some of his techniques and sound design we get an in-depth look at how this track was created, from the driving bassline to the whipping acid line Sean runs through the processing involved on each element at a pace that replicates the track but is still straight forward and easy to follow.

After perfecting the sounds initially within the synths and MIDI he creates awesome effects by moving to audio and resampling, chopping, glitching and pitch bending to get the movement and interest that makes this track so popular.

Inspiring, eye-opening and a true professional in every sense of the word this is one you’re not going to want to miss!

awesome detail in the sound design elements of the track, really interesting watch thank you!

This was a lot of fun to watch and I learned a few things.
I really like the parts where you’re like “Why did I do that again?! … Whatever, it worked.”

Great Insight and fun to watch, thank you very much!

More from Sean Tyas please

excellent i love learning this

Shout out for Age of Love in Tutorial 05 .)

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This was good, nice sound design tips.

Great tutorial. Not for beginners, but if you can follow you will have a lot of new tricks ready for your productions. Good in depth explaining with enough space to experiment yourself. This guy knows what he is talking about and shares this with us in a very good way. 9/10 easy!

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So many tips, tricks and ideas packed in so little time — very quick and effective! At the same time, Sean shows it in a very light and fun manner, it’s fluent to follow, if only you can keep up the tempo. His vision or approach in many moments also feels very familiar to mine. Excellent tutorial, thank you very much for it!


Tips, tricks are very interesting , and the sound is good … I go to make music with Sean Tyas
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Really great course, would of loved to see how he created the kick instead of just showing the sample but has some great tip’s. Thank you.

Sean Tyas Start to Finish please!

Love it!

I’m over the moon to see Tyas here on Sonic Academy. Man’s sounds are top-notch. Would love to see more from him :wink:

Loved it, so many great little tips & tricks. Highly recommended for intermediate-advanced producers. Recommend you take notes, screenshots and re-create stuff because he works fast and doesn’t hold your hand!

I consider myself a reasonably advanced producer at this point, so don’t often learn much from them but still watch track walkthroughs occasionally. This was one of the better ones, as Sean explained a few sound design tips I hadn’t considered that were interesting enough I might steal! :slight_smile:

A really instructive course, full of useful tools and that gives you an interesting approach to sound, especially “less is more”.

This is my result after watching the tutorial. Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy!