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SQL - Distorted Reality Walkthrough

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At just 22-years-old, Pim Van Horssen has seen more success come his way than many will in a lifetime, with a list of releases as long as your arm as well as gigs in all corners of the globe, from the massive Universo Paralello in Brazil, the clubs in New Dehli and everything in between.

And while success is nothing new to Pim, 2009 is the year his talent came to the fore, with his smash hit Distorted Reality finding its way onto the playlists of the who’s who of the minimal world, including Richie Hawtin, Marco carola and eventually right to the way to No.1 on the Beatport charts.

In this course SQL opens up his Logic Pro session showing us the secrets of his 'Distorted Reality' Track - not to be missed


SQL opens up his vault with a ton of superb tips. This gem of a tutorial is not to be missed!

When FILES AND RESOURCES of this video will be avaliable to download?

the sound of the kick,, how did he make it so radio sounding quality?...

this sonic academy i want to know, not what he did in the break i dont care about that...

i want to know how to get that big sounding kick percussion... stuff... the rest will sit by urself...

spiltting up you base in 2 or 3 parts like he said, but i think his main succes was the bassline in combo with his kick

We have a SQL Sample CD coming soon with all his drums and bass sounds that he uses!

nice humble guy