Track Walkthroughs - The Beauty Room 'One Man Show' / 331

Vocalist Jinadu and producer Kirk Degiorgio first collaborated on the 'As One' album 21st Century Soul (Ubiquity Recordings) in 2001. Both have worked mainly in the electronic dance genre recording for a wide range of labels from Mo Wax to Bitches Brew.


The Beauty Room came about through continued collaboration, with Degiorgio sending Jinadu sketches of songs with increasingly unusual progressions. Jinadu worked his magic and returned them enhanced with catchy melodies, hooks galore and layers of rich harmonies.



In this course, Kirk Degiorgio takes us on a walkthrough of 'One Man Show' by The Beauty Room - taking us behind the scenes of every aspect of the track from concept to the finished article.



Oh this is so Pimp!... ( Barry White Voice )..Ohhhhhh ...Yeaaaaaahhhhhh.....I love it so hot.

Lovely but would it hurt to use a pop shield for commentary mic? It&#039s extremely distracting !!! Sorry to be a vibe-hoover :-p

^Lol this guy

Nice one KDG