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Trance Wax - Distance - Coast 2 Coast Remix

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Sonic Academy’s very own Phil Johnston reignited his Coast 2 Coast alias and was asked by his good friend Trance Wax to remix the track Distance from his new album Open Up the Night.

In the latest episode of ASOT, the remix gained the prestigious ‘Tune Of The Week’, so we thought, why not take a deeper look at how the remix was made, go through the elements that built the track and Phil’s thought process behind them.

Check it out!

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A perfect opportunity to ask any questions you might have about how you too can make tracks that could be Tune of the Week on one of the world’s most-listened-to radio shows!

Thank you. I liked it.

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Great track and walkthrough!

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Very cool tutorial

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Nice walk through, thanks Phil. Couple questions though: 1: What’s that ‘Console 1’ plugin? 2: Was the groove applied to all the perc/top loops? Was the second groove added to the bass?

I have a Softube Console One system. It’s pretty cool. I didn’t use it on this I don’t think. But it’s always on my default live set.

Yeah the one with quantize on goes on all the hats and percs.

I dearly wish trance would revert back to this sound. I know things have to progress, but for me, that track is right on point phil. truly sublime. Thanks for having us all round your gaff for a wee listen and a nosey at it.

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Thanks for the kind words!! :heart::+1:

Totally agree… modern trance could defo be a bit more trancey!

Phil this is a wonderful track. I have been an SA member (on and off as finances allow) for many years. While there are some great trance tutorials on SA, this comes closest to the type of trance I’ve always wanted to make and never seemed to find the right “sound” from a given tutorial. I’m wondering if you would consider doing a full step by step tutorial on how to make this exact track, including where to find (would be happy to purchase) the various samples/sample packs and which specific loops you used. Also things like how you approach grouping the tracks, running efx busses, all of it. I see what you’re doing but I would need to see it broken down to a step by step approach in order to learn how to do it like you (of course this doesn’t take in to account your talent and years of experience and hard work). I hope this will come to fruition! James Grant