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UMEK - Whiff Punishing

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This week we’re bringing you another awesome exclusive here at Sonic Academy and proudly welcome one of the world’s most prolific techno artists UMEK for a track walkthrough taken from his recent Predator EP release on 1605 - ‘Whiff Punishing’.

Over these 13 videos we get an insane insight into Umek’s workflow, his go-to plugins, processing techniques and methods, and with the amount of number one spot’s on Beatport he’s had, Umek’s advice is gospel when it comes to this genre.

From the aggressive lead to the driving bass and percussive elements to transitions, effects and mastering, this detailed breakdown of the track has it all.

Learn from a master of his craft who plays the biggest clubs in the world and releases techno in its truest form.

Simply not to be missed.

It really sounds like oldschool techno.

great course, learnt a lot … love umek’s passion that comes through in these video

Brilliant, thanks for all the good advice. I always admired the work Umek puts on its tracks low-end, now I understand better how he did it! :slight_smile:

Damn I can listen to UMEKs techno all day so excited

Some great tips and tricks from one of the most consistent producers I know. Amazing to start from as a beginner and to pick up some stuff you maybe didn’t knew or used in your production before as a (semi-)pro. And let us be fair, for this money, why should you not have a listen to UMEK. Can’t go wrong.

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One of the best tutorials I’ve seen so far and I’ve seen many. Very inspiring and a lot of good advice.

Love you Umek! Incredible techno by this man and this shows part of how he does the workflow behind it, win win.

Second time through. still picked up bits.

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Very good pieces of advice from a marvelous DJ but not so in depth like other tuts from SA

UMEK :smiley: The god of Techno :smiley: i have created 3 tracks i will send to him and his label :smiley:
Love from Sweden

Amazing to see an A artist with an unique sound explain one of his tracks in the nowadays popular Peak Time / Driving Techno style in depth. Really appreciated!

How can this have just 35 ratings!? Umek. You are a hero.

Now this here is gold!
Some great advice and tips given straigt from the master.
And very down to earth, easy to watch content…
Thank you UMEK for sharing.

Now this course is the best techno course Sonic Academy have.
You should def only have Umek as a techno tutor here .
This is real sound of techno.

Anyone know where you get that LD Supah Brass patch that he mentioned?

evolution of sound, paradox soundset…