Traktor 2 Pro - Major Issue!

I have a big gig tomorrow night and have been sorting out tracks for a couple of weeks…created a few playlists etc

Anyway i have just tried setting up my mixer/audio interface (recently played a gig and had to use a DJM 800 so the settings were changed) and it wasn’t outputting the sound so i ran the set up wizard to re instate it… when i turned it back on all my playlists have disappeared

Anyone know what the feck is going on as i’m up **** creak without a paddle!!!

I think they have gone then. You need to close down Traktor for it to save all your changes to the favorites. If you ran the setup wizard without closing down and starting up Traktor, the changes won’t be saved.

When you move things around it is a good idea to close and reopen Traktor.