Traktor artifacts (?)

Sup players

I have come across a (read: really f… annoying) problem which i think is called artifacts. Basically: when i play my music through Traktor Pro 2 the sound will at times “blurry” until it becomes only noise.

Whenever this happens changing the sample rate seems to fix the problem for approximately 10-20 minutes. Having the sample rate set to 96KHz with maximum latency provides for the longest playtime without the problem to reoccur.

I run the sound from my macbook through Traktor Audio 10 to my mixer. The drivers for the soundcard have been reinstalled countless times.

What do? Any ideas?


It could be CPU?

If your CPU is not strong enough it will do that as the track starts to clip and do weird things…

Thats my guess anyway… Guess being the key word :stuck_out_tongue:

Im almost positive its not a CPU problem because the only program I have running is Traktor which shows green CPU load at all times - even when it “crashes”.

Thanks for the input though :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are using a pirated copy of Traktor to me. If you are, you should buy your software - theft is wrong.

If you have bought the software you should contact NI support directly.

No man, even the LE version i got when buying my Traktor 10 does this. I just assumed this was some really easy-fix problem that occurred due to my lack of technological knowledge.

Ill contact NI if the problem persist. Thank you for your help tho! :slight_smile:

[quote]BjM (06/02/2012)[hr]No man, even the LE version i got when buying my Traktor 10 does this.



Uninstall the cracked version, uninstall the LE version, delete all the Traktor folders. Buy Traktor Pro 2, and install and it will work fine.