Traktor audio 8 dj interface used for music production?

Hi Guys and girls,

I wanted some advise on using the audio8 dj interface as a soundcard for music production as well as djing. I spoke to someone in a dj store today and he said it would be spot on, however i got the feeling he did’nt have a clue. My concerns were soundquality ect, but it has all the in and outs i need. It doesn’t seem to mention anywhere online that it can be used for both. Any thoughts and advise would be most appreciated.

Liam x

It does depend on what you want to do, but for electronic music production it will be perfect. The sound quality on the Audio 8 is excellent and it is low latency. Just what you will need.

If you want to record a band, and you want very high quality, then it will eventually be worth investing in something else. But even if this is the case the audio 8 will be greta to learn on.

Thanks m8, just what i wanted to here:)