Traktor Hardware for begginers?


I´m taking the TRAKTOR PRO COURSE. I´m a beginner.

Could you recommend me a Hardware for Traktor Pro.

I have the " APC AKAI 40 " Do you think is enough for Traktor Pro. Sometimes I have troubles with mapping. Do you think I need to buy another controller?

I was thinking buy:

Kontrol S2 or Kontrol S4 (I´m a begginner 4decks are necessary, Is it a good investment for the future? )

and What about Traktor Kontrol X1, can this hardware supply the Kontrol S2 or S4 ?

Is there another Dj controller can you could recommend me, I will appreciate it so much.

I´m a beginner but I want to use a hardware to make me easy my learning process.

(work flow)



go for the s4. as its made by NI everything on screen will work flawlessly with the s4.

the x1 is really for someone using scratch with cdjs or decks.

hope this helps


You have a good point of view, I will buy it at monday. Now the S4 is on promotional price -200USD on native webpage.

Thanks Andy for help me.

* Nice music I already added to my favs.

Have a great day.

I’ve been using Traktor for a few months now. I have the fader fox dj3 mixer ideal for travelling as its so small, I also have the denon dn-sc2000. 2 great easy to use controllers! Maybe worth checking out!