Traktor Kontrol S4

Hi guys. I know Native Instruments is a choice of SA for digital DJing and I have personally ordered one which I pick up Friday. I was wondering I come from a producers background and have been studying the traktor tutorials on here to prep for the upcoming release. DJ tech has begun preordering the traktor s4 and are including a tutorial video with all preorders. I was wondering dealing with the local pro audio shop if i have a problem i can take it in and physically talk to someone instead of a voicemail has promoted me to purchase mine from them. I would like to know if we can get a tutorial for the s4 or if you are currently working on one. I really think this piece of hardware is going to put traktor at the very from of the digital dj front and a traktor s4 tutorial would be the shiiizzz if you guys could help us out with that that would be awesome. I’ve seen multiple posts on multiple forums of people looking for s4 tutorials so I think it would be beneficial to both of us :slight_smile: thanks guys! heres a sample of their tutorial. the native instruments video has almost a million views and it was released just a month ago. heres a link to the dj tech tools video. thanks guys

Traktor S4 Sneak Preview - YouTube