Traktor midi mapping browser control

hey guys, i wanna map my controller so that i can use the jog wheels to scroll thru the tracks in my collection and then have a button mapped for load deack a and load deck b

what parameter in the list do i select to map my control against? i cant find one that looks like it would be for that.

i have seen people use their controller to do this so i am assuming it can be done!

yeah it cause it can be done! i cant quite remember how i did it as it was a while ago and im away from that pc but you need to map it an “encoder” for the jog wheel

and “button” to select/load the track…i could be wrong as ive beeen drinking :slight_smile:

play with it :slight_smile:

aye mate, i have been looking all thru the list of parameters it has but i cant find one which sounds like it could be the right one

i assumed it was in browser and it would be called something like “scroll tracks” or something


The one you want it Browser - List - List Select Up/Down :slight_smile:

spot on mate - thank u!!!

If you have a second jog wheel swore map it to " tree select" that way if you have tracks in different folders you can scroll through the them folders in all, actually a jog while us prob the best idea for scrolling through tracks now that you say it. Good idea.

ok i got the jog wheels to move up and down thru the list (although i would have thought the same jog wheel could do both directions, it seems to only be able to handle jog wheel one for up and jog wheel 2 for down!)

now how do i map a button to load the track into deck A or deck B?

none of the commands in the list seem to do that !!!

One encoder can scroll both ways if you set up it right. You must be using inc on one and Dec on the other. Try these settings:

Type: Encoder

Mode: Relative

***: global

Something or other: 3Fh/41h

As for loading a track try Load - Load selected


it wont let me have a type - encoder

and it only lets me have global

and type can only be button

got it !!! nice one mate cheers!

got the jog wheel running up and down my track collection and got the buttons for load deck a and b

freed up a couple of buttons for fx too

realised i can use my launchpad for buttoms and modifiers for the knobs so

think i wont need to bother with a nanokontrol after all

i was just being a bit greedy!!!