Traktor Problem

I recently Used Mixed in Key on all my MP3’s and now when i load them into Traktor they cause it to crash before its has chance to analyse.

does anyone know how to reverse or remove the Tags that Mix In Key adds.

You could use any mp3 tag editor such as Media Monkey should work.

But I should also say that I use Mixed in Key and Traktor and I have never had any probelm. I use the PC version of both. I think if I was Traktor was crashing because of tags I would try uninstalling and reinstalling Traktor rather than edit the tags.

Just quickly analysed a track and then tried it in Traktor (on mac) and no problems. Wasn’t really expecting that there would be as this would represent a major flaw in some software aimed at DJs if it did… but worth a pop in case!

It Begins with G and ends with PC :wink:

Something Obviously went wrong because its working today

[quote]Mussi81 (24/10/2010)[hr]It Begins with G and ends with PC ;)[/quote]

They were done on my laptop (windows machine) :slight_smile:

Dude you can’t swing both ways:)

[quote]Mussi81 (24/10/2010)[hr]Dude you can’t swing both ways:)[/quote]

funny you should say that but i do only ever get problems when i use both