Traktor s4 owners


bit of a long one. here we go…

recently did a fresh osx install so i reinstalled traktor only to find i have no serial number in my NI account. Grrr. i seem to remember a piece of card that came in the box which either had the serial numbers or a website where you download the software from. (i have spoken to reg support they said i need the serial in my account and then pointed out its not there…cheers!) I’m trying to describe this piece of card to a friend who is looking in my room for it (im now back from uni). so my question is

A) does this piece of card exist and does it have what i think it has on it

B) could someone do me a massive favour and take a pic of the card so i can show my mate what it is

if you have used traktor before then the serial number SHould be in your native instruments website account. because thats the only way you get to use the software.  but ill try and send u a pic of the card in a few, if i find it.:slight_smile: