Traktor Scratch better than Serato

Hi All

I was fortunate enough to spend a day with Paul last week to run through Traktor Scratch (set up, creating play lists, effects etc)

I have to say, I was really pleased with the ‘one to one’ course.

While all my other dj mates use Serato, I decided to be a little ‘different’. I’m so glad I chose Traktor. The time coded vinyls are better than Serato, the hardware is so much better and the leads and setting up is so much easier and quicker than Serato. Andf the other thing…Traktor recognises iTunes within its software whereas Serato doesn’t.

For all you djs out there that are thinking about moving over to the laptop - do it!! its so much easier carrying 1 ruck sack rather than folders of cds/vinyls.

And if you want to get training on the software, dont waste your time getting in touch with Native Instruments, or people like Point Blank CALL SONIC!!! I went to Sonic all the way from London and I wasn’t disappointed (hey I managed to chat up an Irish girl in the local All Saints store).

Thank you & Good Luck

Glad you enjoyed they day!

if you need any more help/advice we are happy to help!


kabz, more to the point did u slot the girl???

on a serious note whats the best controller to go with traktor?

Just waiting for my copy to turn up, but deffantly would like to know what is the best controller to use for,the effects and looping, the eq/mixing and volume control will be done through my DJM 800

Paul uses the VCI-100 which is great… super build quality and all the controls you would need… some controls hard to read in the dark tho.

ive used it with my ozonic and it works fine with it too… no platers or dedicated buttons etc. but still useable.

serato lets me import i tunes library and playlists. i’m also using numark cue for mixing video which you can use with the serato breakout box. so many good programs about at the moment its easy to pick one best suited to your needs