Traktor Scratch Pro - Audio 8 DJ - Recording problem


I have some problems with recording.

Since i updated my Mac from OSX 10.6 to 10.7 i can’t record anything.

Don’t think its thanks to that.

But before i had no problems with recording in Traktor Scratch Pro.

I have an Audio 8 DJ.

From the rec of my mixer there goes a cable to “Cannel C” on the front in the “LINE”.

In Traktor I go to “Recording” - Source: Extern - External input: Channel C.


(Yes the front button is pressed and the lights go up and down with the music on the Audio 8 DJ)

But what is the problem now…

If i choose Channel A or B i hear the Time Code CD sound.

Nothing found on the website so far.

I hope anyone can help me pleas.

Sorry about my English.

Are there drivers out yet for 10.7 for the audio 8?

I know quite afew interfaces need new drivers for lion.