"trance 2.0"

dear sonic academy,

my name is nick and I’m an aspiring producer I’ve been practicing and learning as much as i can over the past couple of months and your website has helped me in ways i didn’t think possible but i wanted to know if it would be possible if you guys can do a tut. on producing “TRANCE 2.0” I’ve been trying to get this kind of sound for a while but i just keep failing miserably. I have looked through maybe 15 different forums and its pretty much in every other topic but know one really seems to nail it i would love it and i know a lot of your other subscribers would too if you guys would do a tut on this.

ps if you guys don’t know what I’m talking about I’m pretty much referring to artist such as tritonal in almost all productions and (A&B in there most recernt club mixes such ***"you got to go club mix or on my way to heaven club mix) also (ronski speed in place in the sun) and (norin & rad in the gift)… I’m mostly interested in the bass so if you guys could possibly help it would mean a great deal >>

thank you and keep up the great work guys the website is amazing.



Above & Beyond - On My Way To Heaven (Above & Beyond Club Mix) - YouTube


Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - You Got To Go (Above & Beyond Club Mix) - YouTube


- YouTube


Norin & Rad vs. Recurve - The Gift (Original Mix) - YouTube

check the progressive trance tutorial. Its the closest to Trance 2.0

Sonic Academy Artist Series - How To Make Progressive Trance With Chris Agnelli in Logic Pro 9 | Tutorial 1 - Introduction

There is also a great video insight into Chris Agnellis remix of John O’Callaghans Big Sky, which is more the older melodic/atmospheric style of Trance 1.0.

John O'Callaghan Big Sky Agnelli & Nelson Walkthrough Artist Series | Tutorial 1 - Introduction

There is also a tutorial Agnelli did on the older style. Combine some techniques from the Progressive Trance, and the older trance tutorials, as well as perhaps the dutch house and you will be in the right ball park

we have some more Artist series trance courses in the works. YAY!

[quote]phil johnston (13/12/2012)[hr]we have some more Artist series trance courses in the works. YAY![/quote]

ok now were talking!!

thank you sonic academy looking fwd to it any chance its up b4 xmas?

Completely agree would love one on this stuff. Its very interesting would love to see how they create this sound. STRONGSoooooo goooooood./STRONG