Trance Acid Sounds (Acid Lines, Acids)

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone can help me in recreating acidline Sean Tyas used in his original track Tingle. Acid sound kicks in exactly at 06:53 min in the youtube link below

  1. Uplifting Trance
  2. Sean Tyas
  3. Tingle
  4. [url]- YouTube

    I know Sean uses Access Virus for his acid sounds. Can anyone help me recreating it in Sylenth. I used sine wave LFO to modulate filter cutoff with high resonance on a bandpass filter. It sounded ok, but not that good. :wink:

Having Trouble with Acid Lines myself & would love help if possible please?


try this? 

The Psy trance course has a load of acid sounds in it.

Two of the best plugins for acid: