Trance lead help

Hopefully youll get what im trying to explain

I guess its a lead sound that rolls kind of like a bass line except its got more of a pace to it. U can here it in a most trance tracks in the background if you like but its not over powering the tune.

 having trouble trying to write that as a midi part,im guessing its 16th notes or something?

maybe it is a bassline just a diffrent layer

i’m guesing your talking about an arp?

most vst’s have arp presets in

Have you checked the stabs part of the trance tutorial?


might be useful?

i think ive figured it,cheers guys :cool:

do share! what was it you where after?

it was actually the bass line just i was confusing with a lead some how, i watch there tutorial and it was a bassline runing slightly different to and off beat one if you get me e.g on 16th notes,gave it that pace

its weird now listening to music and trying to break it all down

yeah i always automatically break apart tracks in my head now.

hard to listen to music sometimes when all your doing is listening and thinking wow those hats have a nice hi end eq. etc. lol

ok now ive sorted that out im still stuck on writing leads,ive played about with a few riff and melodys and you can find plenty of them on the internet to play about and alter,dosent seem to be much goin on with leads

i guess and tips for writing typical trance type ones that you generally get in the begining of a track and the end to get me going,i read somewhere its good to keep them sympal but im just stuck on the starting blocks

i tend to find listening to tracks and then singing a lead line in my head that would mix in well with the track im listening to. then try and put that down on your track.! i know this is vague but it really helps me.

oh and “delay, delay delay” oh and arp’s everyone loves an arp! :slight_smile:

thanks,ill try get something together and post a link up,maybe you could say where its wrong or wright :cool: