Trance / progressive


i have been learning and practicing (sound design, mixing, arrangement, mastering) so hard for the past couple of weeks, and here is a “work in progress” song. it is more of a trance than a progressive. not finished, because i became “numb” related to this track…

anyway, i would appreciate some feedback! :cool:

Practice Track by pazsin

 I really like the melody.  You may want to add some effects or something else just to give a few changes after the breakdown.  Very nice track though. :cool:

This is actually quite nice. Got a bit of a Moroder feel to it :smiley:

Adding of bass in the break is sweet.

Though I think the track could use a bit stronger kick. And your clap or snare is hardly noticable. Think it would suit the track pretty good though.

thanks for listening!

@JayD3: yes, you are absolutely right. it sounds a bit empty without effects. (i have just realized that this is a sticking point of mine.)

@daniaan: i never heard of moroder, so i checked him out, and i found myself in the 80s, lol… but any conformity is a coincidence :cool: i agree with you, i felt before the release that the drumline is not perfect. gotta dig deeper into the mystical world of drumline creation :cool: