Trance track feedback

Hi guys im looking for feedback on a new trance track I made. I tried to incorporate tips from my previous track feedback into this one however im very new to production so any feedback at all is greatly appreciated. Listen to Absolute Zero by Eamonn on #SoundCloud

HI there @ekeamonn

Nice punchy track, a good amount of energy in there :wink:
Quite like what you’ve done in the break with the vocal & the synth behind.
Maybe the kick is a bit too loud and a tiny bit long, but that’s more a question of taste I think.

Good work !

Thanks @Tekalight. This is only the second full track ive completed so im still finding it hard to judge the levels of the kick etc. Thanks once again.

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Have you checked Protoculture tutorials ? They are great IMO, especially for this genre, have a look at the list here : Protoculture Artist Profile - Watch video tutorials with Protoculture

I hadn’t actually seen them I will look at them. Thank you :grin:

Decent that mate…I love the Brian Cox sample. How did you capture it?

Thanks very much, I just ripped it from YouTube. It’s from a lecture he did I think. There was a lot of background noise in it though so it sounds a bit airy from me trying to mask it.

Can i ask how you ripped it? What tools did you use?

Just an online converter theres plenty of YouTube mp3/wav converters online just make sure to have ad block on when you use them and thats its actually an audio file it downloads. Some of the websites love pop up ads but nothing to be too afraid of.

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Cheers mate thanks for the advice :wink:

Not a bother lad best of luck with it :grin:

That was a treat to listen to:) This has a lot of petential. Nice sub bass!

If I were you here’s what I’d lower the kick and have less sustain on it. Put some reverb on the clap and lower the attack and sustain on it. Beef up the breakdown pluck with delay and saturation. Send Ole Bryan Cox through some mild distortion to get rid of his attacky voice. Also compress him so he flows with the track better and finally put a tight delay on to make him sound wider. Nice main melody. Needs just a touch of something extra to get it really singing though - perhaps a more sustain on it, and a fuck ton of delay. A big reverb but mix it in mildly. Compress it with a long attack and long release. Turn it up more and then sidechain that bad boy with a short attack nd short release. Send it to a bit crusher and mix to taste. That acid part is perfect but it’s too much in the background IMO. It needs more in the low mids.

That was a pleasure to listen to:) Good work! Can You send me the files so I can remix this pretty please:)

Hi thank you very much for the feedback information like that is invaluable., I was struggling to get the vocal to be less stop start so that is great advice. I can send you stems of the different elements if you like? Pm. me your email address.