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Hi All,
Its been a while since I last posted but have been working in the background trying to hone my trance production skills in Logic Pro X. I hold down a f/t job so use whatever spare time I get to do this.

Anyway, I hope you do enjoy this and let me know what you think. It probably needs a bit more work on it and I do have some sessions booked in with Alan Morrow, Trance DJ to go through it as well.

Twilight Ruby

hey, the link is not working.

Sorry not sure what happend. Please try this now.

Let me know what you think.


Hi there I’m Chris, just bought Ana 2, so browsing about, thought I’d check the forums. Came across this one. Shazman your production/arrangement is on point. Can’t knock the hustle on this one in anyway, I’ll have to check the rest of your soundcloud out (and create my own one), but if you have any labels you are eyeing up, go for it.

Regards Chris

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Hey Chris,
Thanks for the feedback mate. Hope to hear your stuff soon.

I have my eyes on some labels. I’ll hopefully be working with a pro trance producer to try and enhance this song further so let’s see where this takes me.

All the best,

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You’re welcome bro, hope it works out for you, I’ll have some stuff posted soon, keep me posted on whats happening mate.

Take care

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