***trance tutorial***

The first 3 parts of the trance tutorial are now live.

Part 1: An overview and walk through of the parts in the track

Part 2: An in-depth look at creating chords - including a look at a cool chord improvising plugin

Part 3: How to create big reverb clap sounds and the how to create good trance drums

As usual all the samples and files to accompany the tutorial are there.

There will be more to follow soon.

follow this link [url]http://www.sonicacademy.com/site/newsItem.aspx?id=318[/url] or go to Subscriber Videos on the top left navigation.

I just wanna say Phil i totally respect what you are doing along with the rest of the Sonic team I know you have put a hell of a lot of work into your tutorials and you can tell by the quality of them. somebody commented on the forum saying that the tutorials you are producing by the standards would cos a hell of a lot of money coming from SAE. I totally agree mate.  There are a few people on the site who i think dont understand the work it takes to produce your material. basically all im saying fella is keep up the good work.  You have made it to where i want to be and you dont come across many who are prepared to help others get there. Im sure a lot of people on the forum would say the same.

Cheers Dude

best 40 pounds ever spent in my life.

cheers for these, much anticipated very well done so far, looking forward to the next installments. :slight_smile:

Bass tutorials are up…

samples and project to follow in a few hours.

yeah i would agree for sure… cubase imo is the best sounding daw.

7 is a massive improvement over 6 hopefully the make 8 even better.

Part 5. Stabs - is now up!

project files and sample to follow.

Your an inspirational help Phil, please keep the great work up.

I find it massively challenging to find information on my production problems anywhere else.

You and the team are my lifeline of help, i will post my track once it’s finished and your feedback would be ace!

Thanks many times over!


The Next Part PADs is online now…!

The Trance tutorial has really helped med, looking forward to the final stages,

keep up the good work Phil Johnston