Freshly Squeezed samples has just come out with a new sound set for massive designed by Joe Garrett from Temple One.

highly recommend this one! :wink:

It is an amazing sound set and I also highly reccomend it!

eye two think its grate - by it :smiley:

FSS really are top quality, there sample packs are awesome. Its a shame alot of companies get over looked because eveyone runs straight to vengeance ECS. You really are missing out by doing this. Obviously freshly squeezed is very trance orientated, but for the House producers, check out Sample Magic. Vengeance is good but their not the be all end all…

Thats a grate complement too the affect that those sample packs have on you’re productions Jan.

Do ewe have the webcites a dresses four them?

Piece :smiley: