Trancegate in Ableton

Hi Folks

I have been looking at how to do a Trancegate in Ableton and have come up with a method using sidechain compression (see attached live set) but just wanted to check if there was a better way to do this.



Depends what you want to achieve exactly, but unsurprisingly Gate is good for this sort of thing.

You can sidechain that the same way as you have done with the compressor. If your bring the threshold down, and adjust the volume control under the meter (default -40db) that’ll stop it cutting the signal completely if that’s what you want.

The compressor you have is beefing up the signal though, and if this is part of the effect you want, you might as well stick with that, it sounds pretty good.

You wana use the sidechain function with the gate you can then make a midi trigger like you would for sidechaining kick and bass and within this midi track is where you can get creative and conjure up your different trance gates.