Transferring Kick 2 settings between computers

Hey y’all,

I’m using Kick 2, and I’m running it on two computers (one is a desktop for mixing, and one is a laptop for songwriting and prelim sound design. When I transfer my projects between one computer to the other, the Kick 2 settings don’t seem to transfer.

At this point, I’m just redoing kicks to save time, since it’s easier just to rebuild, but is there a way to make this happen on future updates? Maybe save the samples and settings associated with each track to the project?


Hi there and welcome to the forums :wink:

Sorry for the delayed reply over the weekend.

KICK 2 recalls settings in DAW sessions on the same computer ( even if you didn’t use the ‘Save as’ function to save your preset ) but you need to ‘save as’ and then copy your presets from 1 computer to the other one and use the same version of the plugin on both computers.

You can reveal your User Presets folder from KICK 2 Menu.