Trial version of cubase?

I’d like to try Cubase but as far as I can see they offer no trial version for their Cubase Pro DAW, is that for real? How can they expect anybody to try its features and workflow before taking the huge plunge to purchase it!?

yes, they used to offer a trial i think

there is a trial of Nuendo there, it’s fairly similar

There is a trial version but you have to have a elicenser dongle.

Is there a link for that?

I just looked and I was surprised to see that Cubase 9 doesn’t have a trial yet. I poked around the forum there and I guess historically it takes them a couple months to come up with the trial after a new release-Cubase 9 only recently came out.

With that said, I use Cubase 9 as my primary DAW after getting sick of arranging in Ableton. I love it! The only thing I miss about Ableton is Push 2.