Trouble installing Kick 2 on Windows!

I’m having trouble installing Kick 2. So far I have got to the part of the zip file then its downloading a file from there that I can’t even open, its so confusing. Please help…?

Hi there @rcarroll09

Could you please let us know on which system you’re trying to install Kick 2, what version of Windows are you using & are you running 64bit or 32bit Daw & plugins ?

Once downloaded, the .zip archive should be unpacked with a reliable application such as Winrar on Windows or Keka for MacOS ( both free ), once unpacked you’ll find a dedicated Mac & Win folder with the respective installer in it.

On Windows, be sure to check & select the correct installation path for your VST plugins.

Hi there @rcarroll09

Did you manage to solve your issue with your Kick 2 Plugin install ??

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: