Trouble loading new presets into ANA2

Just purchased ANA2 and can’t load new presets into it?

They appear in my ANA1 but not ANA2

I copied the folders from ANA1 into the ANA2 present folder but still don’t show.

There’s no tutorial anywhere to assist with this, do I have to uninstall ANA1 and all it’s folder before I download new presets as they seen to go in to ANA1 by default?

HI @gavflem ANA 1 presets are not compatible with ANA 2 unfortunately.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

To be fair, I think that should be made clear on the site as a lot of us will assume that they are upward compatible - would have saved me a few hours!

On a more positive note, the ANA2 does sound amazing and the ARP feature is very good.