Trying to FIND others interested in ELECTRO, EDM and MAINROOM house

i have been desperately trying to find a group on soundcloud that catered to my genre tastes but everytime a group says it is electro house or WHATEVER it turns out to be filled with
i think it would be great to find like minded artists because it would be easier to bounce off 1 another. for instance my friends are mainly into deephouse so they dont get the music i am creating to be able to help direct
this is my latest trackbr****br
if you like it. please follow me on soundcloud and i will return the favour!

ok i hadnt realised sonic would not allow swear words. here is the link to my pagebr
listen to the track at the top :slight_smile:

Sounds good buddy, the chords are good and it has a decent vibe to
I think it could do with a bit or filling out in the main drop though, I’d try a sub-tle bass (see what i did there! :D:D:D), a hat over the kick and maybe a bit more variation in the rolls at the end of the 4 bars. Also it seems to be the same two parts repeated, I would try to add a big breakdown and a slightly different build to keep the listener interested. I always try to add different elements of little drum rolls here and there just to make sure its always evolving
But yeah other than those points good effort, keep it up :smiley:

thanks man! br
yes upon reflection i think i want to shorten the 1st drop so that the 2nd has somewhere to go and reduce the 2nd breakdown so that it comes in straight away. noticed garrix animals does this and i kinda liked it. other than that i will wait until my next track as i had this one mastered and kinda putting it to bed now :)br
i am 90% through another track at the moment which is sounding alot fuller. il be uploading it soon
if you like the style please follow me on soundcloud. the purpose of this post was to hopefully find more similar artists