Trying to get a certain effect


First post but I’ve been checking out the forums for a while now and there’s definitely a lot of good advice and knowledgeable people on this site!

So I decided to see if anyone could tell me how to replicate or do something similar as the eh… stutter-y, delayed type thing that is used in the following examples? Hard to explain but you might recognize it when you hear it: (Rips are only 200kb max)

EDIT: Heres youtube links, sorry about that:

- YouTube (@ 4:06)

- YouTube (@ 1:01) - -

Ripped from TyDi - Good Dream (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix) and Ram - Ramsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix).

Tried loads of different in Ableton and Logic and just can’t get it. Any help appreciated :wink:

Can you embed a you tube sample mate, people are not on downloading files from zippy or others…


You could probably do something cool like this with a vst called DB Glitch. You’d have to play around with the repeat function

thanks bouffont!

looked that up and found some interesting videos with similar sounds.

anyone know of a mac equivalent?

i was also looking at some videos of guys using automation with ‘speaker on’ in live having several different tracks with the same melody but different synths on them, this doesn’t help with the kind of repeating/rising effect though :frowning: