Trying to get that sound in ANA

in this track at 3.57

Stream Jim Morrison and some bird from a sample by Twisted Knob | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

I go into a dub step type vibe but I’m not happy with the sound as its off old resampled stuff I had but its a sketch.

The question is how to re-create it in ANA?

When I start playing with the DATA FM PHASE LFO1/2 I can’t seem to get the sound I’m after. I want to get the rate quicker and tighter but when I play with the sync pattern I can’t seem to re create the rhythm that I’ve done above.

Is there an area I should concentrate on? ADSR? for example in relation to the LFO ?

I’m really after a nice dry quick whipping bass line like the one I have at 3.57 on the track above but I want to do it with ANA.

My mate played this tune out and it went down a storm, although still not finished, want to get it right, want to use ANA, its a great sounding synth, i’m just have trouble getting control of the sound movement.

Greatly appreciated as always