Tuning drum samples harmonically

I haven’t posted anything for ages, just wanted to share an idea…br
Next time you sit down to write a drum part, try loading up a synth and using things like plucks and bass stabs etc before replacing them with drum samples tuned identically.br
So for example, take a pluck and write what could be a tom part, using notes like the 3rd 5th and 7th should sound good but remember you are writing rhythmic elements not melodies, it’s just going to end up as interesting percussion parts eventually. When you are happy with what you have, find good percussion samples and for each individual note tune a sample to play that part. This in my opinion will make your drum section fit and work better than any eq or compressor will (obviously they are essential afterwards for mixing them well)br
One thing that does work well is tuning your hi hats to the 5th of the scale (if you play them up and down the keyboard you will find they have a definite pitch to them) the 5th is the dominant and just as with a melody, it resolves well to the tonic/root note so having your hi hat playing it will lead your ear back to the kick drum in a sense making them work together. Oh, and tune every sample. Everything (unless it’s already in tune) but if you can play it across the keyboard in a sampler and it changes pitch then you can tune it and make it fit better. Some things like noisier hi hats you may have to use your ear with a synth playing a reference tone though. I think this is what a lot of pros are doing (tuning drums harmonically, maybe not using synths) although I’ve never heard anyone mention it… I think that’s it but if I remember anything else I will add to the post. Hope this helps people