Tuning Drums

So read many places to tune the drums to the key of the track to make them harmonically sweeter

While this is all good, how do we find what note each drum is recorded at? Should we just assume its recorded at C? I have a big drum collection but not sure what they were recorded at

Any help is apprecciated and hope u guys have a good new year i gta fkn work hahah!!



Firstly my condolences for going back to work so early! Secondly to find out what note is pumping out slap voxengo span plugin on the chain, it’s a free spectrum analyser that gives note values of the frequency. I think Ableton’s Spectrum does the same.:slight_smile:

Gav is right, but make sure that you tune your bass to the correct “key” as well. There’s more to it than finding the notes if you’re going to go this route. You’ll need to know the key of the song as well so you can make sure that your notes fall within the scale. With that being said, you should be able to get some really good harmonics making the sound “sweeter”. Hope this helps duder.