Tuning guitars via EQ...?

read in the mixing audio book by Izhaki that when hes mixing guitars he’ll use eq to tune the guitars to the frequency spectrum… now ive heard this before about brian eno doing the same thing on a couple of bowies albums…

wtf they on about? they just boosting the frequencies in the songs key??  

this sounds pretty interesting.

If your playing a song in a key, why would you need to tune it to that key?

kinda crazy.

i can see using EQ to boost the frequencies of that sound. that makes sense.

He also says that alot of producers use this trick on percussion to tune it better to the track…

read the book alot more tonight. apparently tuning via eq means to reduce an instruments frequency range with shelving filters to keep the instrument within a certain freq range so that it doesnt interfere with the other instruments.

hope that helps anyone that was curious.