Tuning Kick Drums

Im making a track at the minute, only got as far as a kick, sub and an acid bassline. I really like the kick, I think it fits well with the other sounds but it’s tuned to C sharp and the track is A Minor, when I tune the kick down, overall it sounds like it sits better but it does introduce a bit of noise from what was the snappy treble being pitched down. Its not too bad though, what Im worried about is does this have any adverse effects on the bass that would really show on a club system, I have a sub but it’s not exactly what you would find in a club, does anybody know wether or not this a bad idea? I’ll upload the track to Soundcloud in a bit with the kick at C sharp then at A. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Heres the link to the track (loop)


To me, the tuned down A kick sounds hugely better. It’s a decent kick already, but when dropped down, gives the whole groove a lift (IMHO of course). The extra noise sounded good.

I agree it sounds better tuned down. Nice synth work, btw

Thanks lads, I thought the same, just didn’t know if tuning it down would affect the stuff that I can’t hear in a bad way. Appreciate it :slight_smile: