Turn table off effect?

Hey guys i’ve been wanting to make and edit it one of my track, the effect i want is that of the turntable power down. i’ve been told that this can be done with looper and one able to help me out on this

hey u could try this out.

bounce the drums down and go into the clip.

here u can draw a pitchbend curve to the whole drum clip … if done correctly it sounds like a turntable stop.

works fine for cool transitions …



thanks all sorted now, looper is really cool you can make spinback and turntable stop effects with it. it just a matter of automating the right parameters.

i’ll also give your way a go as well, its always best to know different techniques to do the same thing. never know when these things will come in handy

Jon, you can try Tapestop. It’s been out for a while now and it’s free. Tapestop by TbT - FSU Plugin VST

hey jon

not been on msn recently? do you mean turn off a deck when a record is playing? if you want i can play some records during the last few bars with it being turned off, slowing down and record them then send to you if you want?

hey dude thanks for the offer. its all sorted now worked out how to do it with looper so once i get confident with doing it i will up load a video for you all

effectrix …