Tutorial on Compression

Not sure if this might fit into this section of the forum, but I feel we could all benefit from learning more about compression…

I’ve searched countless times in forums and on the net via google for a more in-depth look at compression. It seems this technique is crucial for tightening your mix and getting especially the bass and kick to sit just right in the mix.

However, going to crazy with compression can take away the power of both elements… so there’s got to be some education on how to find the right compression levels, I think :slight_smile:

Personally, I feel very in the dark on techniques like parallel compression and multi-band compressors (this was covered some in the mastering videos, but there wasn’t much said on the compression levels used in the video, more of a quick look).

I know there was some stuff about parallel compression in the HTSL Prodigy videos. I think a good tech tip might be good though here. In the mean time, I would check out the book “The Dance Music Manual” by Rick Snoman. There is alot of info in there about compression and various other techniques that might fill in the “dark” spots in your craft.

Hey Mike,

I found a great website and video that will definately help you out. Here is the link for ya. Hope this helps.


I think Compression settings are the one type of “preset” that you shouldnt be ashamed to use.

If you are lucky enough to have a compressor that comes with presets, then use them as a guide. There are lots of great starting points in Logic grouped into instruments. You’ll always find something to begin with.

But I’m sure Cubase & Ableton etc… have presets too.

Anyway… less is more.

No point over-compressing! Unless thats what you’re going for! :slight_smile:

Good link howie thanks.

Nice chilled out tutorial too.:cool:

Thanks everyone for the advice sharing!

Personally, how do you guys go about using compression? Do you do any group compression? For example, do you create a submix for both percussion and bass/kick and compress the two groups?

A friend of mine also recommended putting a multi-band on the kick to get better control on the lower/mids/highs of the kick. Maybe I could layer kicks in this case?

No problem Krome!

I would compress alot of thing. I compress just about everything to be honest. The amount I do it though is depending on the sound. Please watch the video and it will help you out tremendously.