Tutorial on Dutch House & Dirty Dutch PLease:)

Hi All, I would love if you guy’s at Sonic would make a new tutorial on how to make Dutch house/ Dirty Dutch mainly with the marching drums/ Carnival sort of groovy sound like Nero - Me and You, Kamuki remix, Major Lazor, Afrojack, Sidney Samson, Chuckie, bart b more etc.

Anyone else feeling this sound?

Would love for this to happen… Lets hope it does :slight_smile:

Making Dutch House is simple: take a tape recorder and break into your friend’s car. Put a kick drum behind the alarm, and BOOM! Afrojack! :smiley:

In all seriousness though, Dutch House is hard as hell to get right. Most of the time it’s really, really annoying. You need some lovely bass to make it sound right. A tech tip or something on this would be cool.

Yeah even a tech tip would be good on the bass parts. The marching drums are not really the problem its just the Bass really.

I cant keep up with all these sub-genres. Whatever happened to just House? hahahahah Im getting old i guess…

+1, a short tech tip on the bass and lead would be pretty cool, the rest we can probably figure out.

Me tooo would love to see a tutorial, not just a tech tip but a whole tutorial would be great:D


takes care of most of that I’d say

Love this track and the lead!!!

I want to make it!!! :smiley:

Versus 5 - Banda (Preview) by VERSUS 5

Oddity has the in miami sound and you can just tweak it

Samples work well too. Here are two tracks i did taking samples and making them dutch sounding and one with a synth which i cant remember i think it was oddity or similar (i can find out when im in studio next)

Alex Gaudino - Destination unknown (Japwow gets dutch remix) by JapWOW

Japwow & Bidjro - Make Some Noise by JapWOW

Japwow & Lempo - Pump Pump (Original) by JapWOW

Yeah definitely want a whole tutorial on this. got to keep posting your thoughts on this peps and get this thread hot so that the guys at sonic make one:D

A good synth is a free one called Asynth and you want the preset, Detuned MS20 lead. I know some of the top dutch house producers and one thing you should know is that all the big guys making dutch house use FL studio. Alot of those leads are made with synths like the 3osc and the Wasp. The drums are also literally done by placing random perc hits in the little FL drum box thingy and then just clicking the little bins randomly this is why alot of the rythems sound very complex and intricate but their actually not and usually the result of dumb luck. A good vst you can use if you dont have FL is refx Nerve as it lets you click in hits with your mouse and loop it. You notice a difference in overall sound between say Nicky Romero/Bart B More and people like Afrojack and Alvaro. The guys that dont use FL and often have a bit of a cleaner sounding track use logic. FL has a certain sound that is added to it and this is a huge part of the overall dutch house sound. I also read somewhere that image line has added some invisible compressors and EQs to make your overall mix sound better, this is so that someone who has never mixed down a track before to be able to produce some really good sounding mixes. Wether this is just a myth or reality, noone knows exept Image line but to test it make an identicle drum loop using samples in FL and Ableton, export and compare the FL loop will definately sound snappier and cleaner but also a bit plasticy.

yer man i tutorial on dirty dutch would be great :smiley:

Yeah ive used fruity loops before but could never move out of the whole looping trap in to a full tune. using live 8 now and with all the help from sonic ive progressed so much in the last year.

So would be good if they could show us how to make the sounds and arrangment in live:D

RE FL Studio. Here’s their stance on DAW quality … [url=http://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?t=45272]The FL Studio 'Audio Engine' & DAW wars | Forum

Plus 1

come on peps, add your plus ones…:slight_smile:


This has been requested quite alot actually if you check the forum history. Lets hope the SA gods heed your call lol.

yes i know! Come on sonic Show us some dutch loving lol:D