Tutorial on phase, spectroscopes and fixing phas issues


This might not be the most exciting tutorial but there isn’t much information on how phasing effects a track, how to spot issues and how to resolve them. I use ozone for mastering and it comes with a spectroscope/vectorscope which analyses L & R phase and Mono, but im not sure what to do with this information. For example, on one track i have made it flashes red at the top middle section, the mono section - so im not sure if this means there is too much mono? im not sure how i would remedy this. The Channel Ops function does confuse me further, allowing you to invert L & R, or rotate phase, which i would guess helps u find problem areas with phasing.

My understanding of phasing is basic at best but i believe its two waveforms that are matching and cancelling each other out. Can this have a subtle effect? ie take away some of the punch in a sound, or is a sound simply cancelled or not cancelled out (if that makes sense).

Thanks if u managed to make it through this long question!

Any help appreciated, or a tutorial :slight_smile:

If you are in the shop mate - Future Music have a really good article on it this month… the Monotribe / Alex Metric Issue


Just for somthing to read :cool: