Tutorial Outline Suggestion


The training videos don’t seem to be arranged in any particular order.  Although you can sort by products, levels and topics, the results of this sorting still seems random.  I would suggest a course outline that would guide a user from beginning courses to advanced courses, which ones to watch, and in the correct progressive order.

Thanks for all your time and work.

Here is a small tutorial outline I have created for beginning Ableton users to follow.  This should be a good progression to follow for users that would like to know where to start:

1. Make Music with Ableton Live Intro 8
   *Make Music with Ableton Live 6 (optional, but has some additional info)
2. A Beginners Guide to Music Production
3. A Beginner’s Guide To Music Theory - Rhythm
4. A Beginner’s Guide To Music Theory - Scales
5. A Beginner’s Guide to Music Theory - Chords Part 1
6. Synthesis 101 - Subtractive Synthesis
7. Synthesis 101 - FM Synthesis
8. Understanding Reverb
9. Understanding Compressors